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There’s Lead In Your Chocolate

03/25/2016 at 3:00 | CNN

It’s not something that will be listed among the ingredients, but chocolate contains some lead. Manufacturers say it’s trace amounts, and it makes its way into chocolate as a naturally occurring element that is absorbed by the cacao plant.
As You Sow, a California-based consumer advocacy group, believes that some chocolate has more lead than necessary. An updated survey released by the group this week found levels of lead in chocolate at nine times the daily amount that California considers safe to avoid reproductive harm. In addition, the group also found cadmium up to seven times the state’s maximum daily exposure.

The group had multiple samples of 50 different cocoa products analyzed by an independent lab and found more than half contained lead and cadmium levels above the state’s limits, which are more strict than federal guidelines. As You Sow won’t disclose the exact amounts of metals found in the products, in hopes of working directly with the manufacturers to help target sources of these metals, it said.

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