(Photo by Robert Laberge/Getty Images)

Justin Timberlake Saves The Day After Woman Gets Hit With Golf Ball

Justin Timberlake is the hero we all need.

Imagine you're chit-chatting with friends and family during one of your favorite sporting events only to be slammed by the ball in a just a blink of an eye? Then imagine being comforted by a famous celebrity?

Well, that actually happened.

A golf ball managed to fly through the air and strike a spectator during the American Century Celebrity Gold Championship in Nevada on Wednesday.

That's when Timberlake who also happened to be there as a participant in the game, came to the rescue!

According to Global News, the "Sexy Back" star was paired with football star Tony Romo when someone on his golf team hit the ball into the crowd of spectators.

One woman wasn't so lucky, so Timberlake took it upon himself to console her and cheer her up a bit. Aint nothin' some laughs and smiles can't fix!

Timberlake has clearly outdone himself as a singer, actor, and golfer. And now we can add to that list a good samaritan! Perhaps, he should play the superhero in a future acton-movie series!

WATCH the whole ordeal right here:


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