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ABC News

19 hours ago

11 Foods That Make You Hungrier

Feeling hungry? You should eat. But what if the foods you’re eating actually make you hungrier than you were before you dug in? It’s a more common conundrum than you might think.

Mail Online

19 hours ago

Fastest clapper world record: Kent French out to smash own 721 a minute record

American Kent ‘Toast’ French managed to clap 721 times in 60 seconds when he set the record – the fist of its kind – in March 2003. And in March he will try and smash that.

Elite Daily

2 days ago

This Little Girl Is Crying Hysterically Because She Doesn’t Want Her Baby Brother To Grow Up (Video)

She sobs at the thought of her perfect brother taking one step closer to becoming a sullen teenager.


4 days ago

VIDEO: Casey Schnauzer passes out excitement reunited owner

A VIDEO of a dog passing out with excitement after being reunited with her owner has gone viral.


4 days ago

15 Celebs Totally Bizarre Secret Talents You’d Never Guess

These bizarre hidden celebrity talents are sure to surprise you, and maybe even make you jealous! Either way, we’re fairly impressed with how much more these celebrities have going for them when they’re not behind a camera. Read on to discover all the freaky hidden talents your favorite stars have!


4 days ago

This Boy Roller-Skates Under 39 Cars For A New World Record

This one is simply amazing to watch. Gagan Satish, a six-year-old Indian schoolboy, has just broken a world record by roller-skating under 39 cars in a row. It took him just 29 seconds to cover the distance of about 230 feet with his face lying just five inches from the ground. It is actually very…

Tastefully Offensive

1 week ago

Tastefully Offensive: Chinese Movers Use Forklift to Lift Forklift

TastefullyOffensive.com delivers a daily roundup of the funniest videos and pictures on the Internet.

Wall Street Insanity

1 week ago

Two Engineers Turn A Cadillac DeVille Into What Might Be The World’s Fastest Hot Tub

The Carpool DeVille might just be the coolest vintage Cadillac you’ll ever see.

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