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The Huffington Post

4 weeks ago

You’re Putting Your Pants On Wrong If You’re Using Your Hands

Have you been using your hands to put on your pants? Oh, you have? Then you’ve clearly been doing it all wrong. So, so soooooo wrong. Luckily, YouTube user Now 夠了沒 is here to show us how to put on our pants the right way. It involve…

The Blaze

1 month ago

Peeling A Bag of Potatoes in Less Than a Minute – video

First, it was how to cut several grapes in half at the same time, instead of individually. Now, here’s a trick for those who can’t stand peeling a sack of potatoes. Leo Morten Lund of Denmark showed how it was done on Facebook Sunday, with the post being shared…

The Stir

1 month ago

8 Bug Bite Itch Cures You Have Around the House

It’s summertime again and 99.9 percent of everything is that much more wonderful. No snow. No boots. No cold. No ice. But there is one thing abou…

Laughing Squid

1 month ago

Maymo the Beagle Is Surprised By 100 Colorful Balls

Ever the fan of playtime, Maymo the Lemon Beagle got a big surprise when his humans dropped 100 colorful balls onto the dining room floor in celebration of Maymo’s birthday. The adorable pooch was …

FOX Sports on MSN

1 month ago

Young Marlins Fan Goes Bonkers on Jumbotron

Young Marlins fan sees himself on JumboTron, goes bonkers


1 month ago

Too Funny!!! Drunk Guy Falls Down Can’t Tag Out

A stumbling drunk guy at a concert is funny enough to watch. But then you add in some WWE commentary

The Country Vibe News

1 month ago

Tim McGraw is Still Considering a Run in Politics

Tim McGraw has mentioned before that he might consider a run in politics if the right time ever presented itself.  The reason he thinks politics might interest him is because he says, “I’ve been fortunate in my career and I probably wouldn’t have been able to do the things that I’ve done, and had the […]

The Country Vibe News

1 month ago

Carrie Back to Work after Mission Trip to Haiti

Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher  just returned home after a week-long mission trip to Haiti.  According to an Instagram photo posted by one of the other participants on the trip, they were in Haiti on a dental mission trip coordinated by Danita’s Children, a non-profit organization that rescues, loves and cares for orphaned […]

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