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2 weeks ago

Kid President’s Inspirational Graduation Speech

One of Kid President’s dreams is not only to grow up and graduate but also to grow up and give the speech at graduation. This is what that speech would be. We hope it encourages you to go out and be awesome every day. The world needs you!

The Huffington Post

4 weeks ago

Base Jumpers Free Fall Off Dubai’s Tallest Residential Tower

These folks get so terrifyingly high, they might need an intervention. Adrenaline-hungry base jumpers spent two weeks flying off of Dubai’s tallest residential building, Princess Tower, and video of the stunt is both dizzying and gorgeous.

Mail Online

4 weeks ago

Blindfolded Children Pick Their Mother Out of Group

In a heart-warming video that will have you reaching for the tissues, six real-life women and their children are gathered to find out the answer.

Viral Viral Videos

4 weeks ago

Arresting Grandma For Stolen Car Prank

Famous YouTube prankster Roman Atwood couldn’t just let his grandmother’s birthday pass by without a prank. So he decided to take her for a joy ride in his sweet Nissan GT-R sports car.


4 weeks ago

This Beagle Has Mastered the Art of Holding Food in His Mouth

Sid is a 5-year-old beagle mix and chill dog dude who loves hanging out with food in his mouth. “Hey, man. Do you ever just put the food in you mouth… and then NOT eat it?” “Whoa, man.”

Mail Online

4 weeks ago

Tom Fletcher Shares Hilarious Video of Son Buzz

The McBusted singer’s new video of his 13-month-old son Buzz has gone viral, causing complete cuteness overload.

Taste of Country

4 weeks ago

Tim McGraw Has the Prescription for a Happy Marriage

Tim McGraw’s upcoming Shotgun Rider Tour is more than just a night of music and fun. In fact, it may just be the cure for a common ailment.


4 weeks ago

This Guy Learned The Hard Way Not To Flip Off A Monkey

Monkeys are not to be messed with.

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