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1 month ago

2015 Tax Day Freebies, Promotions, Deals And Specials

Tax Day is just around the corner. Nobody likes writing a big check to Uncle Sam but there is some good news: Tax Day also means free stuff, promotions, deals and specials. After you pop your return (or your extension) in the mail – hopefully with payment – kick back [...]


1 month ago

A Chimp Takes Down a Camera Drone

Zookeepers at Burgers’ Zoo in the Netherlands were expecting to catch candid footage of chimpanzees when they sent a camera-mounted drone into a the primate’s habitat. The chimps, however, had a different plan.


1 month ago

Runner Celebrates Too Early, Loses Race

It’s running, man. Nobody was all that psyched to cheer for you anyway.


2 months ago

Watch This Super Impressive Beagle Play Goalie

Meet Purin the Super Beagle. She’s not your ordinary beagle. The dexterous canine can sword fight, balance on yoga balls, and as you’ll see in this particular video, defend the net like Tim Howard.

ABC7 New York

2 months ago

ADORABLE VIDEO: Boxer needs her pacifier before bedtime

The sleep is strong with this one: An adorable boxer named Princess Leia dozes right off with the help of her pacifier.


2 months ago

Rooster Plays Soccer

[https://youtu.be/aZii2kO5kyc] (YouTube link)Animals are really into sports these days. Didga the cat rides a skateboard, and just the other day we saw a dog playing table tennis. Today we have a rooster playing soccer with a guy. Ain’t he the cock of the walk? Red is pretty good with his feet. Now if he can […]

KUTV 2 News Utah

2 months ago

Watch: Bulldog Loves the Leaf Blower

Nothing beats that refreshing feeling of a leaf blower sending your lips flapping in the wind!


2 months ago

The Price Is Right – Manuel’s Blooper – YouTube

Manuela ensures the price IS right…by revealing the answer!

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