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10 Soda Brands That You Might Have Forgotten

There have been so many different failed sodas in the past, some more memorable than others. According to Business Insider, "The most memorable ones have worked their way into soda lore, refusing to be forgotten. Some have lingering fans desperately trying to bring them back." Let's see if you guys can remember these ten sodas that are no longer available.


New Coke

Steven Polakoff on Twitter

@rick00979 @yelli1972 @docrocktex26 @pannlewis44 I 2nd your conclusion and know that New Trump will be as tasteful as successful as New Coke


Pepsi Blue

Breath of the Kevin on Twitter

Crystal Pepsi is back? Call me when Pepsi Blue is back. I miss having neon bowel movements.


Sprite Remix

Home&GardenListings on Twitter

Anyone here remember Sprite Remix? [via]


Crystal Pepsi

Tiger Spirit on Twitter

@KevLAbeast Thanks for taking the initiative to bring these back! Sprite Remix next?



Ide Bisnis on Twitter

19 failed soda brands you'll never taste again - Orbitz Orbitz Soda, with floating bi...



RJ Justavick on Twitter

@nevaRWilliams Totally in! A very goofy tasting beverage! Now all I need is for @PepsiCo to bring back #Josta with #Guarana


Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla

IsntDaveOne on Twitter

@_omgigi_ have you tried Black Cherry Vanilla @CocaCola yet? ??



Genre Collection on Twitter

Anyone remember #VaultSoda? #music #gaming #art #cars #sports #memes #internet #tv #movies #retweet #follow #like #nostalgia #love #life


Hubba Bubba Soda

The LEXFactor Show on Twitter

Yes fact-oids, this happend back in the 80s lol. #ILoveThe80s #HubbaBubbaSoda


Coca-Cola Blak

Zodiaki on Twitter

Jakiego rzadkiego picia powinieneś spróbować. ♒Wodnik ● Coca cola blak


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