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Rascal Flatts Get Greasy With Their New Video 'Yours If You Want It'

Full circle, greasy grills and all!

Rascal Flatts' very first photo shoot happened at the storied Nashville diner Hermitage Cafe and the guys recently returned to shoot the video for "Yours If You Want It." The story centers on a lonely diner (Waterboy's Kevin Farley) who finds himself daydreaming about running away with his waitress (Buffy The Vampire Slayer's Kristy Swanson). Behind the camera directing it all is none other than Karate Kid villain Billy Zabka. Flatts play the guys behind the counter, complete with a short-order-cookin' Gary LeVox.

"We had so much fun filming this video, and I think that really shows when you watch it back," Gary says. The press release says "The three of us are always joking around, so when our good friend Billy came up with the idea for us to actually work at the diner where Kevin and Kristy’s scene is playing out, we definitely went for it!"


Just don't expect to see Gary behind a grill again any time soon, he hints to People. "The worst part of the shoot was that I got greasy flipping those burgers!"

Read more over at People.com and watch the finished product on their site by clicking here.


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