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Zac Brown And His Co-Writers On The Emotional "My Old Man"

Father's Day is three months away, but that hasn't stopped Zac Brown from telling the world how he feels about all of his.

That's right, the band's new single "My Old Man" was written with at least two "old men" in mind. "I inherited a lot of incredible people in my life," Brown explained this week in Billboard. "Other dads took me in and were part of my journey, so I had a lot of things to say." Those things revolved mostly around Zac's relationship with his biological father Jim Brown and a mentor named Rodney Shelton, who Zac affectionately called "Old Man." Shelton passed in 2015.

Zac's Sir Roosevelt band mates Niko Moon and Ben Simmonetti helped craft the song, which took shape on the road, at a tour stop in Key West and on top of a picturesque mountain in Alaska. "We sat there for days, looking out at a huge bay," Moon told Billboard. "And to the right was the ocean and across this massive bay ... was this stretch of snow-capped mountains. It was a really epic environment to be in."

Emotions ran high through the entire process. "There were so many times [Zac] would be playing through the song and start choking up, and it would make everyone else start choking up," Simonetti recalled. "This guy has made me cry 50 times in the past six months, and I haven't cried that much in 10 years."

Go behind the scenes as "My Old Man" was recorded below. Read the full story in Billboard here. Look for the song on Zac Brown Band's new album Welcome Home May 12.


Zac Brown Band - My Old Man (Behind The Scenes)

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