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Today And Tomorrow Is "Bring Your Own Cup" Day At 7-Eleven

But sadly, there are size rules. Way to be a fun sucker, 7-Eleven.

According to MetroTimes, your Slurpee Vessel only qualifies if it can fit through a 10-inch hole, it needs to be safe for food, should be water tight, and only 1 cup per person.

Your cup will cost $1.50 to fill up, and the special runs on May 19 and May 20 from 11AM to 7PM.

If we had our choice, here's five vessels we'd choose to bring for our Bring Your Own Cup Day (if there were no rules):

A Home Depot Bucket that says "Let's Do This." On It:

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I'm about to play some @marshmellomusic quick someone grab me a Home Depot bucket to wear #LetsDoThis

A Kiddie Pool):

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Igloo Cooler (Like The Ones They Pour Gatorade Out Of):

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A Construction Barrel, And A Straw:

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And To Take A Cue From This Guy, A Fish Tank:

It's #byocupday @7eleven and this kid knows how to take full advantage of the situation #10gallontank

104 Likes, 22 Comments - Eric Henning (@ehenningl) on Instagram: "It's #byocupday @7eleven and this kid knows how to take full advantage of the situation..."


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