Kacey Musgraves has been announced as the opening act for possibly the BIGGEST tour of 2018, and we’re a little confused.

As I’m scrolling through my emails yesterday automatically deleting those random newsletters we’re all too lazy to unsubscribe to, one in particular caught my eye. New tour dates for one of my favorite artists have been announced, so of course I need to see if they’re coming near me. What completely caught me off guard was one of the opening acts for the tour.

Kacey Musgraves is going on tour with none other than Harry Styles – one of the members of the biggest bands ever, One Direction.

Honestly, I’m very confused about this combination. How did Harry and Kacey even meet? Does this mean Kacey is going pop? Are they going to release a collab? I have so many questions. But, I’m excited for Kacey to get a crazy amount of exposure during this tour. I’ve always liked her music, and touring with one of the most popular artists will definitely help get her music out there.

Harry just released his self-titled debut album, the second of the five One Direction members to do so. For more information on the tour, visit his website.

Only time will tell how Kacey was picked for Harry’s tour, but I’m personally kind of hoping for a collaboration.

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