(Photo by Will Schneekloth/Getty Images)

You can look at your dashboard thermometer display and try to gauge the temperature, but according to new reports, it’s probably wrong.¬†

According to The Washington Post, your car isn’t actually equipped with a thermometer at all, but with a thermistor instead. They work similar, but the main difference is that it’s not gauging the temperature¬†using mercury but as an electrical current.

The other thing to take note of is where the thermistor is located. According to The Washington Post, they are mostly located on the front of the car, below the grill, which means it’s susceptible to heat from the surface of the road, which let’s face it, is a lot hotter than what it actually is temperature¬†wise.

So basically, what we’re saying is, when you get into your car today and your temperature on your dashboard says 104 degrees, that’s just a guestimate, and you should probably check your local weather for a more accurate temp.


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