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Midland‘s breakthrough hit “Drinkin’ Problem” suggests the band knows a little something about partying.

They do, of course, and they recently offered some advice on how to deal with hangovers.

“The problem is that there is no real way around [it],” the band’s Cameron Duddy says through the band’s record label. “Drink really good Mezcal or good fill-in-the-blank. Try and get top shelf stuff. If you can’t afford that, drink a lot of water before you go to bed. Or you just don’t drink; but that’s not fun.”

Sometimes you’ve just got to power through, the trio’s Mark Wystratch adds. “Mom, if you’re listening, I think the band rule is everything in moderation, including moderation sometimes,” he quips. “And sometimes … you’ve got to celebrate the little victories along the way, and sometimes you get carried away with friends and it gets a little wild. So, there’s gonna be those days [and] there’s not too much of a cure for that. You just have to white-knuckle it through it. And when all else fails there is one age old fail-safe, the Bloody Mary, and it’s the hair of the dog as they say. So you’ve got to have one or two and jump right back on it.” (That’s Mark and his mom below, by the way. We’re not sure who’s green juice that is.)

Was a magical evening having my wonderful sisters and my amazing Mother at the show last night in Calgary. Thanks for capturing the moment @alex.flanagan ???????? ❤️????????

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“Drinkin’ Problem” is about to break the Top 10 on the country charts and the guys are hard at work to push it even further. Catch them in the coming weeks Colorado, Michigan, Virginia, Ohio, Illinois and California, to name a few. Find out when they’ll be closest to you here.


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