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NEW YORK, NY - JULY 08: Garth Brooks performs at Yankee Stadium on July 8, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

Being a huge star on Earth is one thing; being one in outer space is another entirely.

Garth Brooks and one of his biggest fans recently had an astronomical experience, literally. As NASA astronaut Jack Fisher prepped for his first trip to the International Space Station a couple of months ago, he mentioned in a tweet that Garth’s “The River” was his favorite song and would be first on his in-flight playlist. Garth got wind of that fact and a video meeting and performance was arranged at NASA Mission Control in Houston, from which Garth hosted a special edition of Inside Studio G on Facebook.

“It was so cool,” Garth told People afterwards. “When you get to talk to people in their field, it’s cool to get to be in their life. And it’s cool to get that pinch of reality where your music is in their life. I never can digest that, ever.”

Fisher has his own message for Garth, of course. “I think you have so many great songs and so many great messages, but it’s the heart that you put in every performance and the soul that you put into all those songs that make them so impactful,” the gravity-defying Fischer told Garth, who teared up. “‘The River’ in particular was pretty much my anthem for almost the last three decades, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an inspiration for so many and making those words count.”

Trisha Yearwood and Fisher’s wife and daughter were present, too. “My favorite two words of the whole conversation were ‘Hi Daddy,'” Garth told People of the moment Fisher’s daughter greeted her dad.  “As a guy who was out on the road, you’d hear the phone slip to your baby and you’d just wait for that first breath and hear that, ‘Hi Daddy.'” Watch the event below.

Garth Brooks

International Space Station this is Houston NASA. Are you ready for Garth? #GARTHatNASA Special Edition of #StudioG

Garth has some pretty impressive dates coming up back home as well. He just sold out the first concert at Atlanta’s newly built Mercedes-Benz Stadium. About 73,000 tickets were snapped up in just more than an hour. Stay up on all things Garth here.

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