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Do You Know Country Stars' Real Names?

I bet you didn't realize that your favorite country stars are going by a fake name.

A lot of artists will go by their first and middle names, or middle and last names, but these artists created brand new names to go by. Honestly, I'm a little shook after learning this information, and I guarantee you will be, too. Here's a list of a few country artists and their real names.

  • Audrey Perry is actually Faith Hill.
  • Eileen Regina Edwards goes by Shania Twain.
  • Jason Aldine Williams is better known as Jason Aldean.
  • Samuel Timothy Smith takes the stage as Tim McGraw.
  • Christina Claire Ciminella is really Wynonna Judd.
  • Thomas Luther Bryan rocks out as Luke Bryan.
  • Robert James Ritchie now responds to Kid Rock.
  • Joshua Ryan Owen actually goes by Jake Owen.

I can't imagine any of these artists going by their original names, but I bet we'd all still be fans of them regardless.

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