TRURO, MA - AUGUST 12: A 'Recent Shark Sighting' sign is seen near where a colony of several hundred seals often rest on a sandbar at High Head Beach on Cape Cod on August 12, 2012 in Truro, Massachusetts. A man was confirmed to have been bitten by a great white shark less than two weeks ago in the ocean near the shoreline of Truro in Cape Cod. An increase in the seal population on Cape Cod has led to increased shark sightings including great whites. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

A 12.5 foot long Great White Shark was spotted in the waters off the North Carolina Coast, and apparently, his name is Hilton.

Hilton is a 1,326 pound Great White that comes in at 12.5 feet long. Just for comparison, both the Toyota Camry and Honda Civic average at 15 feet. He tends to reside among the Carolina coasts. According to The News & Observer, Hilton was tagged by OCEARCH in early March. They were able to track the 224 miles he traveled from SC to NC in just 72 hours.

Fun fact: Hilton got his name from Hilton Head, SC, because that’s where he was tagged.

The News & Observer also stated, “North Carolina has averaged about two to three shark attacks per year for the past 14 years and has not had a fatal attack since 2001.”

Make sure to stay on the lookout for sharks while on vacation this summer, and always follow the rules posted at the beach. If your beach has lifeguards, listen to them! We want everyone to stay safe and have a great time on vacation!

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