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Buyer Beware: Trendy Cell Phone Cases Causing Chemical Burns

Cute cell phone cases are awesome, but not if they scar you for life. 

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, the company called MixBin has recalled liquid "liqued glitter iPhone cases" but people are still suffering the consequences.

The recall extends from October 2015 to June of 2017, and according to BuzzFeed, many stores, including Amazon, Nordstrom Rack, Tory Birch, and Victoria's Secret have all carried the product.

Twitter users have since posted photos of their burns, and also outed other companies like Charming Charlie and Wet Seal for carrying a similar product that also burned them.

justin timberlaugh on Twitter

tfw the liquid from your iphone glitter case gives u a chemical burn


mumof3inthecountry on Twitter

WARNING Liquid Glitter phone cases. Saw patient with 10cm diameter chemical burn on thigh due to leaky case in her pocket. #danger #burn


MixBin shares images of the affected cases here, and if you have had this issue, you will need to provide a photo of the case to complete your registration claim. They also note that they will receive instructions for disposal of the case, as well as potential reimbursement.

Honestly though, if something chemically burned me for life, I'd be looking for a lot more than $15.


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