Koala bear lunch box, fun food art for kids

When you’ve got kids and you’re also working, it’s tough to pull together healthy meals all the time. But luckily, the idea of meal-prepping has gotten popular.

No matter what meal, it’s going to be the most helpful to tackle the lunches all on a weekend, so you can just grab them and go when ready.

Digging through the internet, here are some of the best ideas we could find, which will be perfect for your growing child.


Mimicking A Starbucks Bistro Box

fotogal / ThinkStock

Now, we don’t expect your kids to eat English Muffins and whatnot, but you can easily cut up some Cheddar Cheese, a small container of peanut butter, apple slices, grapes, and a hard boiled egg as a protein packed snack. The Skinny Fork‘s recipe uses the Whole Grain English Muffin and also a Babybel cheese, but you don’t want to give your kid TOO MUCH cheese. Check out their recipe here.