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Ever since Jana Kramer began teasing new music, we’ve been keeping an eye on her Twitter account — hoping we could start our day with a new Jana Kramer single.

Today, a new single from Kramer became a reality. Yes, you read that right — the country music goddess shared her new single with the Twitterverse last night.

‘I’ve Done Love’ describes the addictive nature of love — Indeed, it’s like a drug. People turn to drugs or fall in love for the same reason (pick your poison,) both bring about an intense high that makes the individual feel good. This reaction is triggering by a chemical in the brain called dopamine.

Back to the single, that’s why you’re reading this article, after all.

The verses in ‘I’ve Done Love’ are powerful and relatable, and ultimately resonate with anyone who has ever been in a turbulent relationship.

“Just ‘cause I don’t wake up with a bottle …

…And my blood don’t know the fire of cocaine …

…Just ‘cause my skin don’t know the sting of a needle …

…That don’t mean that I don’t know the pain.”

Listen here:

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