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Earlier today, we learned that Dustin Lynch has been strategically sharing the track listing of his upcoming album, Current Mood on social media.

But it turns out, that’s not the biggest Dustin Lynch news of the day.

Wait, what?

You read that right!

Dustin Lynch just took to Twitter to announce he is “thinking” about dropping another song off the highly-anticipated album this Friday.

In the tweet, Lynch playfully asks his fans to help him decide which song he should release.

So what’s your pick?

Current Mood is slated for release on September 8.

Track Listing

1. “I’d Be Jealous Too”
2. “Seein’ Red”
3. “Small Town Boy”
4. “Why We Call Each Other”
5. “Here We Come”
6. “Love Me or Leave Me Alone”
7. “Back on It”
8. “I Wish You Were Beer”
9. “State Lines”
10. “Party Song”
11. “New Girl”
12. “Why Not Tonight”
13. “Sun Don’t Go Down on That”

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