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NASHVILLE, TN - AUGUST 23: Singer/Songwriter Thomas Rhett takes questions from the press during "Life Changes" Lunch & Listen with Thomas Rhett at WME on August 23, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Thomas Rhett is a rising country superstar to be sure, but could he also be a rising fashion designer? A new line of clothing with his name on it suggests he might.

The “Unforgettable” singer has joined forces with famed street wear designer┬áDaniel Patrick on a fashion project called Daniel Patrick x Thomas Rhett. “I haven’t really seen anyone in our genre do that.” he explains through his record label. “I’ve always loved fashion and I’ve always loved music and I think this is a really cool way to combine the both of them.”

The collaboration started on a promotional trip to Los Angeles as Thomas was being fitted for a photo shoot. “I just noticed that everything I was pulling off the rack was stuff that was made by this designer Daniel Patrick,” Thomas recalls. “And up to this point I had never met the designer in my whole life. And so my stylist, Kemal Harris, reached out to Daniel and kind of set up a meeting with us. I went out [to] his warehouse out in L.A. and got to shop around and get to know his background and his story.”

Such fashion collaborations occur more often in the pop music world, so it’s fair to wonder what reaction will be like among country fans. “I think [Daniel] and his wife probably think I’m a little bit crazy for wanting to do this,” Thomas jokes, though he’s confident fans will like it. “It really is like the only stuff that I wear,” Thomas continues. “And so we’ve been talking about doing a collaboration for a while. And it’s just really interesting to get involved in the fashion world and also be a country singer cause a lot of people would think you know that doesn’t really add up, like why would you do that? But I’ve loved fashion ever since I was a teenager.”

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Teddy McDonald is a fun-lovin’ country music fan man living in Nashville, Tennessee.