By ArtOlympic /Shutterstock

An Indiana police officer fired his gun on Tuesday night during what he thought was an attempted robbery.

Unbeknownst to the officer, the suspect was actually an actor who was filming a scene during a movie shoot.

An article published on Fox News eludes to miscommunication surrounding the scene.

The Indiana State Police Department received a call regarding a suspicious person wearing a ski mask. When they responded, the suspect (actor) did not listen to the officer’s command to drop his weapon. Therefore, the officer fired his weapon — narrowly missing the actor.

At the time the officer arrived at the scene, the movie crew was inside a nearby building — unaware the police were outside.

After the officer fired his weapon, the actor dropped his weapon and removed his mask.

This incident could have easily been avoided had the production company notified local police a movie was being filmed in the area.

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