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It looks like Burke Ramsey still has a case against CBS.

Yesterday, The Coloradoan and several other publications said a judge in Michigan has turned down a motion filed by the TV Network to dismiss the case.

The lawsuit, which seeks $750 million dollars, was filed on the grounds of defamation.

JonBenet’s brother, Burke, says that after the network aired “The Case Of JonBenet Ramsey,” his reputation was seriously damaged.

As you may recall, the series left people wondering if Burke had killed his sister — A claim the network says was never outwardly stated during the docuseries.

JonBenet was found deceased at the home she shared with her family in Colorado in 1996. An autopsy revealed the 6-year-old had been murdered.

While the family was cleared from having any connection to the murder years later, CBS shed new light on a conspiracy theory that suggested the Ramsey’s had covered up JonBenet’s murder after Burke killed her.

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