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Fans Defend Carrie Underwood After Talk Show Host's Rude Comment

Yesterday, talk show host Wendy Williams had something very rude to say about the facial injury Carrie Underwood endured after a fall outside her home.

Naturally, Carrie's fans weren't having it.

While discussing the latest celeb news, Williams spoke briefly about Carrie addressing her injury with her fans.

Williams admitted she wasn't entirely sure what that entailed, but suggested that the letter to her fans was a way to possibly justify getting a face life.

Wait ... what?

The comment was not sympathetic to Carrie whatsoever.

And boy, did her fans take notice of the rude remark.

Laura Lorenz on Twitter

BACK OFF @WendyWilliams AND LEAVE @carrieunderwood ALONE

Tyler Silvey on Twitter

Ridiculous and hateful comments, @WendyWilliams. Do your research. Leave @carrieunderwood alone.

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