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Another day, another phishing scam to report — And yes, it involves Netflix AGAIN!

Once again Netflix is sending a warning to customers advising them to be cautious if they receive an email from the streaming service warning that the customer’s credit card was declined.

The email, which is nearly identical to branding found in an actual email from Netflix, tells customers “they” will attempt to re-charge the card on file, but also provides a button where people can update their billing information.

Do not, we repeat, do not click on the link!

While the email looks somewhat legit, a big clue that this email is phony can be found in the sender’s email. As you can see … it’s NOT really from Netflix at all!

According to the Daily Dot, thousands of people in the UK and Australia have received this email. It’s uncertain if the email has made its way to the states yet, but considering this email seems to be spreading like wildfire, it’s just a matter of time.

You’ve been warned!

Remember, if you receive a suspicious email and have concerns about your account, always login to your account after visiting the site directly. Never click on a link in an email requesting new payment information.

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