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Uh oh! Apparently, Kendall Jenner has never been told not to mess with country fans.

Undoubtedly, country fans are very loyal, so when someone seemingly insults one of their favorite country star’s, they have a thing or two to say about it.

Recently, Kendall Jenner shared a photo on Instagram. No big deal, right?

Normally, we would agree with you, however, in this case, Jenner seemed to diss Kacey Musgraves by blurring out a sign promoting her new album that happened to be in the background.

We get that Jenner is a huge star and all, and perhaps she didn’t want it to seem as though she was promoting Musgraves in the photo. Still, she should have thought about the message she was sending by blurring out the sign.

And to no one’s surprise, country fans noticed.

Many flooded the comment section asking why she felt the need to blur out the sign, while others flat out told her she just can’t blur out Musgraves like that.

Hopefully, Kendall has learned her lesson.

heat wave

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