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You all know by now Jana Kramer has a new podcast she’s promoting called Whine Down, but you may not know she recently had a special guest on the podcast.

For the first time ever, Kramer and husband, Mike Caussin, addressed their marital issues publicly.

The interaction played out on the podcast, where Jana revealed her and Mike had gone on a couple’s retreat to help improve their marriage.

According to One Country, months earlier, Jana told Mike he needed to step up or get out. Faced with an ultimatum, Mike knew he needed to work on himself and change, because he didn’t want to lose Jana.

Jana admits that some days are hard. She said she has a tendency to lash out but has to remind herself that Mike isn’t doing the things he used to do, and that she has to refocus on the here and now.

We’re so happy to hear Kramer and Caussin have learned from the bad times and are committed to making their relationship work.

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