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Country artist Jackie Lee gave fans a piece of his heart today by sharing footage of a very personal journey.

Lee revealed that he survived testicular cancer — Not once but twice.

The emotional moments play out in Lee’s new music video for “Long Year.”

Aside from the cancer diagnosis, Lee suffered a heartbreaking loss when his mother passed away from cancer in 2016.

In the months following his mother’s passing, Lee was unable to write about the void in his life because it was too painful for him to do so.

The loss of his mother was soon followed by the realization that he also had cancer. Three months later, Lee was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

After having a surgical procedure to remove one of his testicles, doctors were able to remove the cancer. Soon thereafter, the country artist received a clean bill of health.

Sadly, during a routine checkup a few months later, he learned that his cancer had returned — And he would have to undergo chemotherapy.

Undoubtedly, “Long Year” is the most heartfelt song Lee has penned thus far in his career.

In the video, Lee shares personal clips during his treatment — Which range from good days to bad — And everything in between. From losing his hair to completing treatment, Lee is flooded with so many emotions throughout the footage. The poignant lyrics evoke sadness over the realization that he longs for his mother, but she’s not here to help him through this difficult time.

“Well, I know you’d have a story …
And an answer for me …
If you were still here …
But you’re not here …
And it’s been a long year …”

You can learn more about Lee’s journey by watching the music video for “Long Year” below:

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