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Martina McBride and her husband will have to appear in court after they were named in a lawsuit.

A former employee is suing the couple for upwards of one million dollars.

According to Pop Culture, the former employee worked for the couple for five years before being fired in 2017.

The employee, Richard Hanson, worked at Blackbird Studios, a studio owned by the couple.

Hanson’s role in the company was managing and overseeing the intern department.

Hanson is accusing the McBride’s of ordering the interns to do tasks such as clean bathrooms, run errands, or handle security issues — Tasks that were not associated with their internship.

Hanson claims that when he brought this to the attention of the Labor Department, the McBride’s fired him.

The McBride’s have adamantly denied they had any involvement in ordering interns to do tasks not part of their internship.

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