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When two stars have been married for 12 years, everyone wants to know what is the secret that keeps them together, and Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are no exception.

During a recent interview with Parade, Kidman revealed that perhaps the secret to their successful marriage is the way they communicate.

According to the actress, her and Urban have never sent a text message to each other.

Wait, what?

Yes, you read that right.

During the interview, Kidman goes on to say that in the very beginning of their relationship, in all honesty, she didn’t know how to use the message app.

She’s a busy woman, okay. Don’t judge!

Anyways, when they couldn’t be together, the two would talk on the phone, and have an actual, verbal conversation.

To this day, the actress reveals that the two still call each other.

Of course, Kidman is a bit more tech savvy these days, so the two will also facetime, but no matter what, they are always communicating effectively, so there is no room for misinterpretation.

Nicole is the first one to admit that she’s received texts before where she is utterly confused at what the texter means, and she doesn’t want that kind of weirdness in her relationship.

You gotta admit, she does have a point!

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