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Shania Twain may be well off now, but that wasn’t always the case.

In fact, she grew up poor.

No doubt Shania’s upbringing has played a role in how she raises her son.

You might expect the country star to shower her son with gifts, especially on his birthday, but surprisingly, it’s completely the opposite.

According to Country Music Nation, Twain has never given her son a birthday gift.

You read that right, the key word here is never.

Rather, on his birthday, she only gives her son a homemade birthday cake.

In truth, there were days during her childhood where her family didn’t have enough money to eat, so Twain approaches parenting her 16-year-old son modestly.

If her son grew up with everything he ever wanted and no concept of the struggle Twain endured as a child, he quite possibly wouldn’t grasp that other children out there are not as fortunate as he is.

Of course, if her son needs something, such as new clothing, Twain provides him with necessities, however, she’s very careful not to shower him with unneeded items.

We have to applaud Twain for her approach to parenting. She’s doing it right!

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