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It’s no secret that Evan Felker’s estranged wife has been very open about their split.

Now, in a recent Instagram post, Staci has revealed that Evan came back around — Only to leave her side again.

Staci chose to share a photo of her hospital bracelet with a very long and telling caption.

First and foremost, she wanted to let everyone know that she was okay … physically.

Staci made it clear though that she was still recovering emotionally after her husband left her for Miranda Lambert.

As the post goes on, it becomes clear Staci is trying to recover from a new emotional wound.

Apparently, Staci said Evan called her recently, and she naively let him back into her heart for a brief period.

It’s not clear why Evan called Staci, but she mentioned in the post that when she was hospitalized several days after they talked, Evan was nowhere to be found and she couldn’t get ahold of him.

Regardless of what is going on in this love triangle, should Staci really be sharing all of this online?

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