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There’s a new country list on the block, and we aren’t sure how we feel about it.

Where do we begin?

The article attempted to determine the top 100 most popular country music artists of all time, yes remember the key words here are of all time.

On number 99, we come across Alan Jackson. How in the world does a country legend (who mind you has sold an upwards of 80 million records,) land in the 99th spot?

If you’re thinking Jackson should be way down yonder on that list, like in the top 10, you’re not alone.

But it gets better, or worse … depending on how you want to look at it.

Who do you think landed in the 79th slot? We bet you didn’t guess John Mayer. Why? Uhhhh … because he’s NOT country!

Are you thinking what we’re thinking right now … what the hay is going on with this list?

Where do you think George Strait was on the list? Oh you know, in the 75th spot.

George Strait is a top 3 in our book.

Take a looksee at the rest of the list by clicking here and let us know your thoughts.

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