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A nurse driving through the Charlotte, North Carolina area on her way to Keith Urban’s show this past weekend saved a woman’s life who was pulled over on the side of the road.

At the time the nurse came across the woman, she was in cardiac arrest.

The nurse pulled over and provided medical aid to the woman.

According to WSOC, Grace Hanna checked for vital signs but she couldn’t find the woman’s pulse.

At that time, she began CPR.

A deputy on scene used a AED machine with Hanna’s assistance to revive the woman.

By the time medics arrived on scene, the woman was breathing but was still in an unconscious state.

Hanna, along with her son, continued on their way to Keith Urban’s show.

While at the show, Keith happened to spot Hanna’s son in the crowd holding a sign asking to join him onstage.

The country star signaled the young man to join him on stage.

You can watch it unfold here:

The woman who Hanna helped is still recovering in the hospital.

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