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Earlier this year, Walker Hayes and his wife, Laney, were eagerly awaiting the arrival of their seventh child.

Sadly, the baby died after Laney went into labor on June 6.

Immediately following the news, the country star asked for privacy so his family could grieve.

Since then, Hayes has returned to social media, but has never publicly addressed the details surrounding the heartbreaking loss — Until now.

In an interview with People Magazine, Hayes opens up about what happened on June 6.

As Hayes describes it, Laney went into labor that day, but it was far from routine.

Shortly after experiencing labor pains, she noticed concerning symptoms.

After arriving at the hospital, she was taken to the operating room where emergency surgery was performed due to a ruptured uterus.

Little Oakleigh was delivered, but sadly she did not survive.

In the moments following the surgery, Walker learned his newborn daughter had died.

At the same time, doctors informed him that his wife’s life was also in danger.

As he sat next to Laney’s bedside, he remembers hoping June 6 wouldn’t be the worst day of his life, even though after the death of his daughter, in a lot of ways — It already was the worst day of his life.

While Laney would go on to make a full recovery, the emotional wounds from June 6 are still very raw.

The couple have shed so many tears over the loss of their daughter, and will continue to grieve as a family.

Hayes is thankful for all of the support and love that has come their way during their difficult time.

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