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Kane Brown is the first to admit that filming the video for ‘Weekend’ was a lot of fun, but one activity in particular during the shoot was rather scary.

As Kane tells it, one of his friend’s is a little on the husky side and wanted to go tubing with the country star.

According to Taste of Country, Kane’s buddy tips the scale at around 350 pounds.

It didn’t take long for Brown to realize that he probably should have turned down the offer to go tubing with his friend.

While they were being pulled by a boat, Kane remembers their tubes plowing into each other a few times. At one point Kane compared it to being hit by a truck.


But … it gets even worse.

At one point, Kane was blinded by water after it splashed in his face, and he had no way to prepare for what was coming next.

Let’s just say, after the fact, he admits he kinda sorta thought he wasn’t going to make it out of the tube alive — Because his friend, tube and all, landed on top of him.


At least he’ll have some great stories to tell his grandkids one day!

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