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Staci has spoken! By now, you’ve all heard Miranda Lambert has declared she is “happily single,” but you might not know how Staci Felker feels about it.

While she didn’t outwardly address her now ex husband’s split from Lambert, she did take to social media to defend him right before news of the split went public.

But keep in mind, the Turnpike Troubadours canceled their final two shows on Miranda’s tour BEFORE news of the breakup surfaced, so we are 99.99999 percent sure Staci was already aware of the breakup when she responded to a fan on Instagram.

Here’s how it all went down:

An Instagrammer decided to tell Staci she should remove all the photos of Evan from her social accounts.

Staci seemed to frown upon that idea.

According to Fox News, Staci responded by saying that Evan and his family will always mean something to her.

She went on to say she is very appreciative for the advice, but she has nothing but well wishes for Evan and his band.

She also revealed that a “wife’s love” doesn’t just fade away after six months, referring to the time her and Evan have been broken up.

Hmmm …

What do you think her comments mean?

Over the last six months, there has been a tremendous amount of drama surrounding Staci, so her response was definitely unexpected.

Do you think her and Evan are in the midst of getting back together?

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