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Yesterday, John Cena shared a cryptic post on Twitter that several fans think is about Nikki Bella.

As you know, Cena and Bella’s relationship was a bit of a roller coaster ride, and the two officially broke up (again) at the end of July.

Since then, speculation has grown about the real reason for the split.

Not long ago, Nikki revealed that her and John realized the only way to make their relationship work was if one of them gave up their career.

Nikki was adamant about not wanting to give up everything she worked so hard for.

Now, Cena seems to have addressed Nikki’s stance in his cryptic tweet.

Fans were very supportive and receptive of his message, with many hinting they believed he was referring to his past relationship with Bella.

While many fans were rooting for Cena and Nikki to get back together, based on John’s tweet, perhaps they are better off apart.

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