A mother is warning people about the dangers of trying on shoes at the store while not wearing socks.

Jodi Thomas says she took her daughter shoe shopping recently — And the trip landed her daughter in the hospital.

Her daughter, 4, was diagnosed with sepsis — An infection that can be fatal.

Sienna, the woman’s daughter, became sick the day after trying on shoes while not wearing socks.

According to USA Today, in addition to a fever, her daughter developed a sore on her foot.

Doctor’s attribute the infection to a cut on the child’s foot. They believe the infection entered her blood stream while she tried on shoes.

While Sienna has since recovered from the ordeal, Thomas hopes her daughter’s health scare will remind people that you don’t know who else has tried on shoes at the store.

We agree, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you need new shoes, it’s best to bring a pair of socks with you before you try on footwear at the store.

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