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A couple of weeks ago, we shared a story about a man named David who had placed a Craigslist ad, in a effort to get a date to an upcoming Luke Combs show.

Well technically, it was Jason Aldean’s tour, but David made it clear he was really going to see Combs perform.

The request for a date took an interesting turn when the man included a few pros and cons of being his date.


  • You get to attend a concert on his dime
  • He will pay for transportation
  • There will be music so you guys don’t have to worry about having an awkward conversation
  • This outing could blossom into the two of you becoming concert buds for life … or EVEN better, friends forever
  • It’s a Luke Combs concert


  • These aren’t pit passes we’re talking about here, the seats are actually in the lawn BUT the guy promises to bring a LARGE blanket. So if you don’t like him, you can sit on the far edge of the blanket
  • You guys don’t know each other at all
  • He’s not very good looking
  • The concert is on Thursday

Then, last week, David even got a little help from Combs, who offered to upgrade the tickets.

Sadly, the show has now been canceled.

Aldean and Combs were slated to perform in Cincinnati on September 13, however, the area recently experienced some flooding due to heavy downpours over the weekend.

As of now, David’s ad on Craigslist is still published, and it’s unclear if he had secured a date to the show.

We definitely feel bad that he went through all of this effort — Only to have the show canceled.

Who knows, maybe this story will have a happy ending.

Perhaps, if he did find a date to the show, she will still be willing to go on a date with him tomorrow.

While they won’t get to see Combs perform, they could still go out for a fun night on the town.

David, if you’re out there, we want to know if you still have plans to go on a date tomorrow!

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