With Hurricane Florence approaching, there are steps you can take to minimize the likelihood the food in your fridge spoils if the power goes out.

While the exact path of the storm is not certain, all eyes continue to remain on the Carolinas.

According to CNN, Florence has weakened slightly to a Category 3 storm, but is still expected to deal a devastating blow to the coast.

As we move closer inland, strong wind gusts, along with heavy rain have prompted major concerns about flooding — In addition to an increased risk of tornadoes.

Another big concern is power outages as a result of the storm.

If Florence knocks out power in our area, it could be days or even weeks before power is able to be restored.

Here’s how you can prep your fridge in the event of a power outage:

-Purchase a thermometer for inside your fridge/freezer before the storm hits. According to Fox 29, if your refrigerated foods rise above 40 degrees Fahrenheit during an outage, the food is not edible and should be thrown away. With frozen foods, the temperature in your freezer should be zero degrees Fahrenheit.
-Fill several gallon sized plastic ziploc bags with water, and freeze the bags. The frozen bags will act as ice packs if you lose power. If the power does go out, remove a couple frozen ziploc bags of water and place them in your fridge — To keep the food from spoiling.
-Organize/stack/and keep all food items in your freezer together. This will help keep them cooler for a longer period of time.
-Keep your freezer full. We’re not suggesting buying more food in case it does indeed spoil due to a prolonged power outage. But, keeping a bag or two of ice in your freezer, in addition to the ziploc bags of ice, should take up a lot of room.

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