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Picture this, you purchase tickets to Dierks Bentley’s Mountain High Tour in West Palm Beach Florida — Because it’s Dierks Bentley … duh!

Then, when you get to said show, you send out a tweet to the artists to let them know you have arrived and are so excited to see them perform.

No problem with this story so far, right?

Normally, we’d agree with you, BUT there’s one thing we forgot to mention.

Okay, so we didn’t forget — We were just waiting for the right time to tell you.

The fan had the lineup wrong.

Wait for it …

Rather than include Brothers Osborne in her tweet, she added Old Dominion in the post.

Wait, what?

Yeah, we’re confused too.

Naturally, Old Dominion responded by saying that they hoped she was waiting for them to be Brothers Osborne.

To add to the hilarity, Brothers Osborne also responded to the tweet, saying they were sorry to disappoint.

To see the Twitter thread, please click here.

We’re just going to go file this article in the #oops section now.

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