FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. – Residents can use one of two apps now posted on the Cumberland County and City of Fayetteville websites to determine if they are within one mile of the banks of the Cape Fear or the Little Rivers and under a mandatory evacuation due to impending flooding.

Residents can go to either http://bit.ly/CapeFear1mileMap or http://arcg.is/D1eGO and enter their address to find out if they should evacuate

Cumberland County, City of Fayetteville and Town of Wade have issued a mandatory evacuation order for all persons residing within one mile of the banks of the Cape Fear River and the Little River within Cumberland County in order to minimize the imminent threat of injury or loss of life.

As of 5:15 p.m., there are 751 people in emergency shelters. Bring sleeping bags, and toiletries.

Shelter information is available on the County’s website at co.cumberland.nc.us/departments/emergency-group/emergency-services/emergency-management/shelters. Items to take to the shelter:

* Food & Water – Bring snacks bottled water and non-perishable food

* Medications – Bring prescriptions, glasses and contacts and durable medical equipment

* Clothing – Bring a complete change of clothes and footwear

* Bedding – Blankets and sleeping bags

* Hygiene items

* Important papers

* Entertainment items – books, puzzles, toys for children

* Miscellaneous – batter-powered radio, First-Aid Kit, flashlight

The shelters at Pine Forest High School and South View High School will have pet accommodations. Pet owners should bring pet food, medication, crates, collars, leashes and rabies vaccination records. Animal Control staff will be on-site, but owners will be expected to provide daily care for their animals during their stay at the shelter.