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Back in July, we reported a woman was in serious condition after being struck by lightning while attending The Country Thunder Festival in Wisconsin.

Now, the victim is speaking out for the first time.

At the time the lightning strike occurred, 22-year-old Brittney Prehn was holding her mobile device to her ear — While talking on the phone.

That’s when witnesses say they saw the lightning bolt strike Prehn’s phone, causing the woman to fall unconscious.

Other concert-goers rushed to help the woman, and an ambulance arrived on scene moments later to transport the victim to a nearby hospital.

Two months after the freak accident, Prehn is opening up about the ordeal.

According to WISN 12, as she describes it, Brittney recalls talking on her phone and her phone flying out of her hand.

Despite the impact, Prehn doesn’t remember feeling the bolt travel through her body, rather she only remembers waking up in the hospital.

While electricity from the lightning strike traveled down the right side of her body, her mobile device took the brunt of the impact.

While Prehn has lasting injuries from the incident that nearly claimed her life, she’s thankful to be alive.

You can watch her interview by clicking here.

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