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Carrie Underwood just opened up about suffering numerous miscarriages prior to her latest pregnancy.

According to People Magazine, the country star has had three miscarriages over the course of the last two years.

In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Carrie said her and Mike started trying to have another baby early in 2017.

Soon after her second pregnancy, she suffered her first miscarriage.

After getting pregnant again, Carrie suffered a second miscarriage.

The first two miscarriages left Carrie undoubtedly heartbroken.

Still, her and Mike tried to get pregnant again earlier this year.

That’s when the third miscarriage happened.

After the third loss, Carrie struggled to make sense of it all but they tried again and became pregnant.

As you know, Carrie is now well into her pregnancy and out of the danger zone in terms of suffering another miscarriage, but during her fifth pregnancy, she had another miscarriage scare.

At the time, she was afraid to be mad because she has so many amazing things in her life to be thankful for, but as she struggled to come to terms with the thought of another miscarriage, she realized she might have to stop trying to conceive — Admitting that maybe this was God’s plan.

Carrie visited the doctor a couple of days later, but to her surprise, she had not miscarried. Rather, her doctor confirmed she was indeed still pregnant.

While Carrie has faced many ups and downs, with taking a terrible fall outside her home and going through three miscarriages, we’re so happy to hear she is in a good place now and will soon welcome her second child.

Thank you for sharing your story, Carrie.

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