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As you’ve probably heard by now, Carrie Underwood recently appeared on ‘Ellen.’

During the interview, one of the questions that came up was if the country star knew the gender of her baby.

Carrie said she did but she wanted to keep the gender of her unborn child a secret for a bit longer.

As you can imagine, ‘Ellen’ had a field day with this, as she tried to get Carrie to slip several times during the interview.

At one point, Underwood revealed that it’s a different ball game this time around, compared to when she was pregnant with her son — Who is now three.

A few times during the interview, Ellen voiced that she was fairly confident Carrie was having a girl.

While Carrie mostly tried to dodge Ellen’s repeated attempts to confirm if she was indeed having a girl, a fan posted a comment on the YouTube video of the interview and said Carrie nearly said “she” (when referring to her belly) at 1:09.

We were a bit skeptical too, because we didn’t catch this the first time.

But then we went back and re-watched the footage, and payed close attention to the 1:09 mark.

See for yourself:

To the fans point, it does appear Carrie started to say she and quickly corrected herself to say it’s a different ball game.

This one could go either way …

What do you think?

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