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Jason Aldean’s life on the road is a lot different when compared to his earlier days.

You might expect a county star’s tour bus to be stocked with alcohol and band members, but Jason Aldean’s bus is quite the opposite.

According to People Magazine, Aldean recently had a second crib installed on his tour bus.

The second crib is in anticipation of the arrival of Brittany and Jason’s second child together — A girl.

While Memphis and his sister will soon spend a fair amount of time on the road with their famous daddy, no doubt their parents will ensure that life on the road is as close to normal as possible.

The Aldean kids will probably get to see more of the country in their first few years of life than the rest of us will see in a lifetime. It’s great to hear that Jason brings his family with him on the road.

After all, once your babies are grown, you never get that time back.

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