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Do you remember when Carrie Underwood announced she was expecting last month?

Of course you do! So does just about every country fan on the planet.

But apparently, there’s one person that missed the memo.

And, he’s a country star! Not just any country star, we’re talking about a super mega act here.

Can you guess who?

If you said Luke Bryan, you are correct!

We suppose Luke has been living under a rock the last six or so weeks.

During a recent interview with ET Online, Bryan seemed rather taken aback when Underwood’s pregnancy was mentioned.

He even said it was news to him.

Despite the initial surprise, Bryan said he was happy for the family and also had a baby gift in mind.

The country star has an inclination that Carrie and her husband are having another boy, therefore, he’d like to send over a fishing rod once the baby is born.

Now that Bryan is up to speed on his Carrie Underwood news, we can all sleep better at night!

Gotta love him!

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