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About a month ago, we reported that Miranda Lambert and newly divorced Evan Felker had called off their unofficial relationship.

Miranda inadvertently confirmed the breakup when she said she was happily single during an interview.

Her and Evan had been linked together for several months up until that point, which many people say is the reason he got divorced from Staci Felker.

You may recall, Evan’s band, the Turnpike Troubadours, quietly dropped off of the last couple date’s on Miranda’s tour.

At the time, many people believed it was due to the breakup.

Those show cancellations would lead to several more of their shows being canceled — Prompting many to speculate that Evan hadn’t taken the breakup well.

Some fans even believed the group might disband.

But, according to a new report by Saving Country Music, the reason for the show cancellations was due to a health scare and a personal issue by two seperate band members.

Evan says he suffered kidney stones prompting him to have to take time off, while another band member had some family issues to deal with.

The good news is all of that is in the past now, and the band appeared on stage over the weekend during a show in Oklahoma.

In truth, little is known about the details regarding Miranda and Evan’s break up or whether or not they still talk to each other.

But it seems as though both are in a good place in their individual lives, and that’s all that matters.

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