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Do you remember that time Brad Paisley was rushed to the hospital after a performance in Charleston, South Carolina?

Despite the fact that Paisley probably wishes everyone would forget that moment, it’s etched in a lot of fans minds forever.

But, not because it was embarrassing or funny, rather because you could tell by the impact of the fall, Brad was injured.

While his team started to rush over to him, Brad managed to get back up on his feet and finish the song — Which was “Alcohol.”

No pun intended, as he was actually singing that song when he went down.

Now, almost a decade later, the country star opened up about the ordeal on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

As Brad tells it, his boot caught on something on the stage as he was running — And down he went.

According to Taste of Country, while Paisley did manage to hold up his guitar mid-fall (to keep it from breaking,) there was nothing to break his fall.

Immediately upon impact, Paisley thought he had broken his hip, but somehow managed to get back up and perform.

After he closed out the show, Brad took a trip in an ambulance to a nearby hospital.

He was treated in the Emergency Room and soon learned that luckily he didn’t break any bones, however, he did have a pretty good sized bruise on his side.

For years, country stars have had their fair share of stage falls, with many believing the curse started with Luke Bryan.

But, Paisley’s fall happened years before Luke ever started falling off the stage, so maybe it’s all Brad’s fault.

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